Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just Let Me Pick the Movies, Damn It

I, Campaspe, have spent much of my adult life trying to persuade people that everyone would be happier, saner, more discerning and all-around plain-old better off if they would just let me pick the video. Or the DVD. I spent so many years in the video store, pushing to rent Rules of the Game when my companion was determined to take out Batman Returns. This Self-Styled Siren is tired, tired, tired.

This blog of my own enables me to present my opinions on movie matters with no pesky reminders that the store is about to close. I can explain, in detail, just why the The Matrix is pretentious hokum, and why The Crowd is more daring than anything I have seen in the past decade. I need not hate any video renter; he cannot hurt me, or force me to watch Broken Arrow. I need not flatter any Netflix subscriber; I can write about Trouble in Paradise and leave him to his three-part epic about a bunch of goddamn elves.

Here are my plans. On bad days, I will write about things that irritate the bejesus out of me. I have many candidates. There's that "A List" gossip site, and why it nauseates me; the useles IMDB "250 Best" list; the contemptible attempts to whitewash the blacklist; why towering John Ford is so little appreciated these days; the silliness of saying "oh, he always played himself." I will also have days when the urge to vent about politics overtakes me. I may even post something personal.

On good days, I will write about the actors, directors, cinematographers, costumers, art directors and movies that I love. I may throw in a little fashion talk, and I am certain to write about books as well.

My tastes, and welcome to them.


Annieytown said...

Just wanted to say that I love the blog so far. I really enjoyed your thoughts on Oscar fashions. I could talk and judge outfits for days. Joan and Melissa Rivers have nothing on me! LOL
One cool piece of info on Uma's infamous Prada dress. M tested it under flashbulbs and spotlights to check on how it would appear in photographs. The research she put into it was always impressive to me. There were some photographs were it shimmered and others where it just looked like a lilac nightgown. Paltrow's pink dress was one of the worst I had ever seen. I wanted to strangle Joan when she said...."things that do not fit in the chest area...is very modern"
I wanted to scream. The dress did not fit!!! There is nothing modern about that!

Vertigo's Psycho said...

It's okay to rent Broken Arrow- of course you're referring to the fine 1950 James Stewart Western. I think I've heard of the title more recently, but I've conveniently blocked it from my memory.