Friday, July 01, 2005

The Siren Reveres the Shrimp

It may be Canada Day to some people, but here at the Siren's place and over at Blogdorf Goodman, July 1st is Jean Shrimpton Day. We pause in our regularly scheduled Goofy but Great blogging to wave our lace-edged hankies at the Shrimp, the greatest model of all time by about 10,000 light years. Perhaps the Siren's regard stems from not knowing much about Shrimpton, aside from her famous affair with Terence Stamp and a movie called Privilege that is on the Siren's to-see list, provided she can ever find a copy. (Plot synopsis sounds so 60s it hurts.) She seems to have been that rarest of rarities in the fashion business: a nice girl. Reportedly, Shrimpton is now living quietly in the English countryside as proprietor of some small hotel. Ms. Shrimpton, we wish you well. You will always be our favorite model.


Jonniker said...

"The Shrimp" is cracking me up each time I read it on one of your blogs.

I hope you've recovered from the pediatrician trip and are hanging in there.

Jonniker said...

And I meant to add, no wonder she hated that nickname! It still makes me laugh every time I read it, and it makes no sense to be a name for such a beautiful woman. I picture shrimps as they are - short, fat, pink little maggoty things. Not a stunner like Shrimpton.