Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Siren is working on her "Maureen O'Hara's memoirs" post, but somehow she keeps getting sidetracked.  Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I really like that photo of O'Hara. This is strange, but the first thought I have is not that she is not exactly a Middle Eastern type, but that most of Arabian palaces do not tend to feature Art Noveau style architecture!

Uncle Gustav said...

In black and white, Maureen O'Hara was a good actress.

In Technicolor, she was one of the screen's great beauties. I first realized this during The Parent Trap, made when they still had that vibrant color, which unfortunately fell to extinction by the late '60s.

The Siren said...

V., I love the photo too. It's obviously a publicity shot, and the fan-flutterer in the background is obviously pondering something, but what? martini? paycheck? the cigarette girl at the Brown Derby? Like Manet's Olympia, the viewer must decide for himself.

Flickhead - absolutely brilliant point about O'Hara. To be fair, the Technicolor pictures were usually box-office bait, though I think The Black Swan (note the HTML tag!!) is still a swell movie. And I am very fond of Rio Grande and The Quiet Man. But her best work, for my money, was in How Green Was My Valley.