Saturday, September 24, 2005

Drink Now, Pay Later

After retiring to her room with a cold compress on her forehead, the Siren felt a little bit better. As long as the Criterion Collection is out there, a chance exists that she will someday see Blowup. All of Blowup.

Seeing that movie again did prompt another train of thought. The actors who came out of Great Britain and Ireland in the 1960s were phenomenonally good-looking. They were also complete boozehounds. Sad to observe this parade of gifted men who wrecked their looks and (sometimes) their talents with too much hooch on too many occasions.

So, even though no contemporary actor will probably ever see this (Russell, Leonardo, I'm talking to you), the Siren has compiled a rough photo essay as a sort of memento mori. Mind you, no one will ever mistake the Siren for Carrie Nation, and she doesn't expect footwashed-Baptist-style temperance from your average thespian.

All she is saying is that drinking entire film crews under the camera crane might not be such a great idea, either.


Rod Pendergrass said...
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Peter Nellhaus said...

I don't know if you read the book Ready, Steady, Go! by Shawn Levy. He has a chapter on Terence Stamp which reveals that Antonioni had promised Stamp the starring role in Blow-Up. Speaking of blowups, Jerry Lewis looks like he swallowed Mel Torme!

Campaspe said...

Stamp has an autobiography that I haven't read, and I think he mentions losing the part. Hemmings' memoirs were due to be published posthumously last year but the last time I checked they still weren't out.

I should read "Ready, Steady, Go!"; I love the whole swinging side of the 60s. The acid-dropping, rock-festival port-a-potty stuff, not as much. Though I guess I can't have one without the other.

katiedid said...

Shawn Levy is ours (ours meaning all of Oregon's) and I'm so glad you mentioned his book!

Anyhow, I agree with campaspe entirely, but I do wish someone would tell Colin Ferrell the same thing.