Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm including this still only because if you rent Witchfinder General, you really should know what you're in for. Posted by Picasa


surly hack said...

I recently caught this on the screen (as Conqueror Worm) after hearing about it for many years. It's a bit overrated, but it's an unusually straight treatment of an interesting subject. The opening scene in the woods is genuinely creepy and is my favorite in the film. Price is quite good in a non-campy performance, but my favorite Price role is still His Kind Of Woman.

The Siren said...

I totally agree, it is a bit overrated; it doesn't completely transcend its B-ness. But it is unforgettable. I thought the final scene was quite something too.

Eeek, I forgot His Kind of Woman below! And I'm reading a Mitchum bio, too. That is an excellent movie and Price was great in it. I saw that years ago on VHS with a boyfriend who was willing to indulge my film nerdiness mostly if we watched noir. That kept the relationship going for a while. :)

The Siren said...

P.S. I think the suicide of director Michael Reeves at age 25 has added a great deal to Witchfinder's mystique. Who knows what kind of following it would have if he had lived and gone on to make A projects.

After some thought I will still plump for my favorite Price role as being Laura. The striking thing about him there is that his big-dumb-affable-hunk act leaves the audience to guess about his motivations. He doesn't telegraph a thing. And you are left to wonder about his sexuality, as you do with the rest of the cast.

surly hack said...

Price is great in Laura, but it is filled with other great performances--Clifton Webb is equally memorable.

While there are other good performances in His Kind Of Woman, Price's complex ham takes over the picture and turns it into something remarkable.