Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Siren Gets Tagged

The Siren has been tagged by the fabulous Annieytown of the New York Times-touted Blogdorf Goodman. She must now post 20 random facts about herself. All right, here goes:

1. The Siren's first stage disappointment was when, as a fourth-grader, she tried out for a German-language version of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. She wanted to play the Piper. She was cast as a rat.

2. Her first line ever spoken on stage: "Ja, der rattenfanger."

3. Her first cat was named "Little Red Riding Hood Magnolia Blossom," showing a flair for ridiculous names at a young age.

4. Hearing that, it will not surprise you to hear that the Siren's real name is not Campaspe.

5. The Siren doesn't drive, another reason to feel a deep kinship with Annie.

6. She was married in southern Lebanon.

7. Her husband is a French citizen, but her French is absolutely atrocious.

8. The Siren almost had her handbag pickpocketed because she was trying to get a good look at Catherine Deneuve, who had walked into the store and was back at the dressing rooms trying on vintage blouses.

9. One of my favorite fantasies involves telling Catherine Deneuve about this incident, and her being so charmed that we wind up fast friends.

10. The Siren is literally, physically allergic to cold. She breaks out in hives if her skin is exposed to low temperatures for too long.

11. The Siren has two cats despite being allergic to both of them.

12. The Siren loves snakes, and at age 10 had her picture in the local paper with a boa constrictor wrapped around her neck.

13. The Siren is distantly related to Clyde Barrow.

14. The Siren can't whistle.

15. At age 4, the Siren refused to answer anyone unless addressed as "Cinderella."

16. At age 5, the Siren became fed up with a particularly perfect girl at kindergarten. The child was always clean, never shouted out answers, always colored inside the lines. The Siren decided to write this girl's name down in the teacher's bad conduct book, and was deeply chagrined when the forgery was discovered, possibly because the Siren had printed in crayon with block capitals.

17. The Siren has never read The DaVinci Code or The Lovely Bones.

18. She has never seen a single episode of Sex and the City.

19. She worked for three professors who had been involved with the Manhattan Project.

20. The Siren is still homesick for New York.

Now for my revenge. I am tagging Katiedid at Seldom Nice Nowadays, dear D. at An Alabaster Brow, Koneko at Koneko's Mostly Beauty Diary, Mireille at C'est Chic, and Liz at This Bananafish Smells Like Leaves.


Peter Nellhaus said...

The Siren breaks out in hives when in the cold too long? Moi aussi! So why am I dreaming about leaving Miami Beach for Toronto? (My significant other is dreaming of San Francisco, so stay tuned.)

Tania said...

Little Red Riding Hood Magnolia Blossom is the best name a cat could ever hope to have.

Your childhood revenge on the perfect child: formidable. I am surprised you have not gone into politics or PR.

New York misses you too.

Campaspe said...

Peter: Wow, you are only the 2nd person I have encountered who has this ridiculous allergy. Thing is, I don't dislike cold nearly as much as heat! I just have to cover up properly like Mom said.

Tania: My revenge on Miss Perfect was positively Rove-ian, wasn't it?

katiedid said...

Whoa - I am deeply intrigued as to who the three are from your #19. Anyone I would have heard of? I'm wondering as to your age, for if you say Richard Feynman, I shall be deeply jealous. He is my favorite physicist, but really, only because his biographical books are such a kick.

I haven't read either of the books you name in #17, nor shall I.

And I finally did see an episode of Sex in the City. As it turns out, I have missed exactly nothing, and I'm guessing you'll feel the same way if you ever do see it.

Tania said...

Yeah, Sex and the City stinks.

By the way, when I was eleven, I insisted that everyone call me "Siren." How do you like that?

Annieytown said...

I loved so many of your answers and was so damn excited to see you were a non-driver.

If Tania is reading this: can my character name in the novel be "little red riding hood magnolia blossom"?
This is just the perfect name for a kung fu bad-a**.

The revenge on the fellow student delighted me to no end.
My kindergarten memory was the first day. All the kids ran to the toy chests while I made a beeline to a chest filled with vintage costumes. I was joined by a boy named Malick who later became a dancer on broadway. The writing was on the wall for us both. LOL

#20: I hope you get to go home soon. I know NYC is not the same without you.

boisdejasmin said...

I am in tears from laughing! Now, I am not sure what I am laughing about exactly. It is a toss between Little Red Riding Hood Magnolia Blossom and Ja, der rattenfanger!

Diane said...

Love 'em, love 'em, love you!

I feel less uncool now. I, too, have never seen Sex and the City and have never read The DaVinci Code and The Lovely wha??

Regarding that Lil' Miss Perfect, totally Rove-ian, you sneak. (can be heard giggling uncontrollably) Block letters... :)