Monday, January 22, 2007

At Last, the Best of the Best

Dash over to Edward Copeland's place for his wrap-up of the Best/Worst Actress Oscar Survey. It is a huge belated Christmas present to the cinephile community, a big ol' blogger bon-bon box full of things to ponder and argue with. Don't be shy, Mr. Copeland loves comments. The Siren somehow managed to nail the Worst Actresses with more precision than the Best. She got three of the top 10 Worst. Her Best Actress choices barely landed one in the Top Ten, Jane Fonda in Klute. The Siren realizes that as a cinephile she is supposed to find the Oscars teddibly, teddibly dreary, but she really thinks they are an endless source of amusement and always has. She is already impatient for the Best/Worst Actor survey.

One of the best blogs around is run by the estimable Goatdog. Right now he is calling for a 1927 Blogathon for the weekend of March 23-25. The Siren signed up right away, since one of her New Year's resolutions is to see more silent films. What, you may ask, can one blog about with a 1927 theme? Well, Thom at Film of the Year has some suggestions. You can also head over to the completely fabulous Silent Era site and check out their archives for films made in 1927. If you want to participate, just drop Goatdog a line at

Meanwhile, the Siren is still sprucing up the sidebar, adding Check the Fien Print, Film of the Year, Rebel Without a Cause and the great Jim Emerson, even though his format won't let her comment over there. Also added is The Easy Ace, Jeff Kallman's journal of vintage radio. The Siren has been listening to goodies like Double Indemnity as re-enacted by Ida Lupino and Groucho Marx.

Above, from 1927: Greta Garbo and John Gilbert in Flesh and the Devil.

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