Thursday, January 18, 2007

Venturing Into the Old Dark Sidebar

For a good after-birthday, start-of-a-new-year project the Siren decided to venture into the sidebar, something she procrastinates about, because Bad Things Happen when the Siren goes into the sidebar. She has many sterling qualities, but coding talent is not among them. Nonetheless, the Blogroll had gotten pretty dusty, what with defunct links and needing new links added, so she cleaned up a bit.

Additions include the intelligent and fascinating Michael Guillen and Andy Horbal. I have also added Gloria, whose comments are one of this blog's best aspects. She has a great site herself, focusing on all things Charles Laughton. Tonio Kruger's eclectic Confessions of a Half-Breed Prince is up too, as is Phil Nugent's No More Mr. Nice Blog, Tuwa's Shanty and Emma's All About My Movies.

In December I had the great pleasure of meeting Tom Watson, Maud Newton and Kathleen Maher of Diary of a Heretic, and I am adding them as well. Maud is primarily a literary critic, but she ventures into all sorts of artistic waters and covers film on occasion, too. This is a great piece on the documentary Jesus Camp. (When you read it, you will see why I would like to meet Maud's sister, too.) Tom Watson is also starting a cultural blog, called newcritics, and the Siren hopes to put in an appearance over there on occasion as well.

Also added is a great blog I discovered by accident, Operator 99's Allure. I had been reading the memoirs of film director Tay Garnett (who was married to none other than Patsy Ruth Miller, and directed One-Way Passage and The Postman Always Rings Twice, among more than 100 films). Garnett wrote of a starlet named Jeanette Loff, who married a producer named Bert Friedlob and died young. I tried to look up more on Loff but found almost nothing worthwhile until I stumbled across this blog. (Here she is, if you want to see her.) It consists of rare picture-postcards of stars both famous and obscure, together with enough trivia to make a film buff's heart go pitter-patter. Check it out, but be warned you will spend at least an hour poring through the archives.

I am sure I am forgetting someone. If I have, please email me and I will add your URL, while I am still feeling brave about venturing into the sidebar thickets.


Emma said...

Thanks! I shall return the favour. :)

operator_99 said...

Thanks for shining a small follow spot on my Allure blog. I hope others enjoy it as well.


Jeff Kallman said...

Happy belated birthday and congratulations on a very engaging blog, to which I have linked on my own little arterial . . . Keep up the fun work!

Campaspe said...

Emma & Operator 99: you are most welcome! I only regret not linking sooner.

Jeff: Your blog rules, rules, rules. Love it! I am linking to it ASAP. Right now I am listening to the Groucho Marx/Ida Lupino version of Double Indemnity.

Jeff Kallman said...

campaspe---You had me with Judy Holliday. I have the bulk of her charming appearances on Tallulah Bankhead's The Big Show (1950-52, NBC). A delightful actress and personality who knew how to treat those who made her work possible. The Big Show's head writer, Goodman Ace, spoke with warm sadness upon her death: he remembered above all when a subsequent TV show he wrote for her got murdered in reviews and she wrote to him saying it wasn't the fault of the writing but herself. Now, that's what I call a lady with class. Emphasis on both lady and class. Which can be said thus far for yourself, as well.

Your blog rules, rules, rules. It's one of the best blogs I've ever seen of the screen.

Kathleen said...

Campaspe, Thanks so much for including me. I am honored by the mention and thrilled to join your Magnificent Fellow Obsessives. (Douglas Sirk being one of my all time favorites.)

Gloria said...

Oh... thanks for the mention! which reminds me I have to start working on further posts in the Laughton and non-Laughton blog (I'm such a big procrastinater!)

I hope you didn't have that chilling Gloria-Stuart-seeking-for-the-ladies-room at-the-Femms feeling while working in the dark html vaults at the sidebar ;D

Campaspe said...

Kathleen and Gloria, thanks so much! G., you are talking to a big procrastinator here too, but I am trying to get better about posting. I get very fiddle-y with posts I am working on, and take too long with them, I think.

Tonio Kruger said...

Happy belated birthday as well, Campaspe.

Thanks for the recognition. And please forgive the long delay in my acknowledging this post. I was so stunned the first time I read it I literally could not think of an appropriate response.

Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.