Friday, June 01, 2007

The Siren Scrutinizes Security

Let us review, shall we?

This guy

was denied a visa altogether in 2002, and this year was detained for questioning for two and a half hours while U.S. officials made sure he gave just the right answers about the health of his 105-year-old mother.

This guy

shows up in a border guard's computer as a strict no-fly risk, complete with a warning to isolate him and don protective gear. The guard waves him through after two minutes.

Heckuva job there. The Siren feels safe tonight.


Looker said...

Bless you, Siren.

Campaspe said...

Thanks, Looker. I can't remember how many Film Snob points a Kiarostami reference earns. Evidently the customs officials would fail the grade pretty miserably.

Peter said...

Going through airport security in Tel Aviv and Germany showed how wrongheaded security is in US airports. Also, the US seems to bungle creating and maintaining friendships where they can be of use, like in the cultural community.

Campaspe said...

Peter, I agree. Kiarostami has run into censorship problems in his own country, despite lack of overt political content in his movies, so it is quite ironic that we would treat him like some sort of radical security risk. I really have no idea what the purpose of harassing him could have been, it mystifies me.

Maria Gloria said...
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Gloria said...

I think the reason is, possibly, that the TB-carrying jerk is a lawyer, and he can sue them. Security officials ain' afraid of violating Human Rights, but are scared off their pants by the prospect of litigations.

Kiarostami, poor guy, he's just a filmaker (and a good one, which probably makes him even more suspicious

Dan Leo said...

All I want to say is that it's good to have you posting again, Siren. It's been too long!

Campaspe said...

Gloria, maybe, but surely customs officials are hard to sue? I dunno, it was a screw-up.

Thanks so much Dan. It was a heckuva couple of weeks - sick baby and a double birthday party for the twins. Should be back to posting about actual movies, rather than peeves, very shortly.