Sunday, February 06, 2011


This is some crowd. With this kind of talent, the heist in The Asphalt Jungle would have gone a lot more smoothly. Keep 'em comin’.

Meanwhile, an important housekeeping note: the donation link for the Film Noir Foundation has been changed, to one that will be exclusive for donations made through the blogathon.


If you have already donated, first of all bless your heart. Second of all, drop a line to me. I will pass your name on to the Film Noir Foundation, to make sure they know your contribution was blogathon-related, so's you'll eligible for the loot.

Is your name missing? Don’t send in the Chicago boys. Just jog the Siren’s memory, please. Edward G. Robinson was painting her toenails and she got distracted.


Leonard Maltin of Leonard Maltin’s Movie Crazy
Tony Dayoub of Cinema Viewfinder
Ed Howard of Only the Cinema
Patricia Schneider at The Lady Eve’s Reel Life
Vanwall Green at Vanwall’s Land
Sam Juliano of Wonders in the Dark
Joshua Ranger of AudioVisual Preservation Solutions
Donna Hill at Strictly Vintage Hollywood
Ben Kenigsberg at Time Out Chicago
David Steece of Randomaniac
Beth Ann Gallagher at Spellbound
Peter Nellhaus at Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee
Jacqueline Fitzgerald of Film Noir Blonde
Bill Ryan at The Kind of Face You Hate
Betty Jo Tucker of Reel Talk Movie Reviews
R. D. Finch at The Movie Projector
Peter Gutierrez at Tribeca
Bob Fergusson at Allure
Steve-O at Film Noir of the Week and Back Alley Noir
Brian Darr at Hell on Frisco Bay
DeeDee at Darkness to Light
Hilary Barta at Limerwrecks
Hedwig Van Driel at As Cool as a Fruit Stand
Paula Vitaris at Paula’s Movie Page
Jacqueline T. Lynch at Another Old Movie Blog
Tinky Weisblat of In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens
Doug Bonner at PostModern Joan
Kevin Olson at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies
Gareth at Gareth’s Movie Diary
Meredith of Or Maybe Eisenstein Should Just Relax
Java Bean Rush
John Greco of Twenty-Four Frames
Vince Keenan at
Ivan G. Shreve of Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear
Darren at The Movie Blog
Brandie of True Classics: The ABCs of Classic Film
Mat Viola of Notes of a Film Fanatic
Joe Thompson from The Pneumatic Rolling-Sphere Carrier Delusion
Bill Wren of Piddleville
Ms. Zebra of Germans Like Heavy Make-Up
Bryce Wilson of Things That Don’t Suck
Arthur S. at …this pig’s alley
Gautam Valluri of The Broken Projector
Christian Esquevin of Silver Screen Modiste
Caroline Shapiro at Garbo Laughs
Neil Sarver of The Bleeding Tree
John Weagly of Captain Spaulding on Skull Island
Hind Mezaina of The Culturist
Toby Roan of 50 Westerns from the 50s
David Cairns of Shadowplay
Craig Porlock of The Man from Porlock
Edward Copeland on Film
Laura of Laura’s Misc. Musings
Machelle Allman of Venetian Blond
Nicholas Pillai of Squeeze Gut Alley
Ben Alpers, Ray Haberski, David Sehat, Tim Lacy, and Andrew Hartman of the U.S. Intellectual History Blog
Adam Zanzie of Icebox Movies
Mr. K of Mr. K's Geek Cornucopia
Ryan Kelly of Medfly Quarantine
The Derelict, at both Libertas and Dereliction Row
Noel Vera of Critic After Dark
MIchael Cusdin of Cinema Ramble
Kristen Sales of Sales on Film
Trish of I Wake Up Screaming
Dr. Morbius of Krell Laboratories
Jaime Christley of Unexamined Essentials
Gordon D of Blog THIS, Pal!
Kurt Norton and Paul Mariano of These Amazing Shadows Blog
David Ehrenstein of Fablog
Kim Morgan of Sunset Gun
Glenn Kenny of Some Came Running
Lou Lumenick of the New York Post
Catherine Grant of Film Studies for Free
Jenny of Cinema OCD
Steve Santos of The Fine Cut
Andreas of Pussy Goes Grrr
Sheila O'Malley of The Sheila Variations
Glenn Kenny of Some Came Running
Carl DiNello of Hollywood Movie Memories
Rob Byrne of Starts Thursday!

And of course, wit and raconteur Greg Ferrara of Cinema Styles and my blogathon partner and general goddess/whirlwind of energy and organization, Marilyn Ferdinand of Ferdy on Films, who did the bulk of compiling this list.

Finally, the Siren neglected to mention that she is, briefly, in a documentary that just premiered at Sundance. The film is called These Amazing Shadows, and it is a tribute to the National Film Registry, made by Kurt Norton and Paul Mariano. The Siren may be glimpsed talking about musicals, with regard to The Wizard of Oz, and what she has to say won’t surprise any of her readers. She was surprised, however, to find herself up there with a large number of well-known directors, actors and film writers. It’s a passionate ode to our film heritage, and has some wonderful detailed scenes of the mechanics of film restoration. Kurt and Paul, in other words, are on our side.

IFC bought the North American TV, VOD and DVD rights to These Amazing Shadows, the only documentary of five films called Sundance Selects. They are promoting it through video on demand through about Feb. 22. Details of the VOD availability are included in this IFC release. Trailer and clips can be viewed here.


Ben Alpers said...

Please add myself, Ray Haberski, David Sehat, Tim Lacy, and Andrew Hartman, all of whom will be participating over on the U.S. Intellectual History Blog.

The Siren said...


Adam Zanzie said...

Adam Zanzie of Icebox Movies here. Will be participating for sure.

Marilyn said...

Ah, Siren, we're almost there! Thanks for the additions to the list, which are now up on my site. The link is working and hopefully, we'll have a very nice, graphic donate button from the one and only Greg.

Mr. K said...

Count me in as well.

Ryan Kelly said...

Sorry I didn't let you know earlier. Count me in!

The Siren said...

Done, done, done!

Noel Vera said...

I said I'd send in an article--didn't I say I'd send in an article. I'd send Robert Mitchum in to paint your toenails, only you'd be even more distracted...

The Derelict said...

Count me in as well, both as my real self over at Libertas, and as my alter ego at Dereliction Row.

I'm doing double duty :D

Peter Nellhaus said...

Whomever created the clips for These Amazing Shadows needs to do some re-editing to bring in a bigger audience. Who wants to see a bunch of guys like Leonard Maltin and John Waters when The Siren is so much cuter?

Michael C said...

I'm late! But I'm in! Will you take on a Kiwi living in Oz? Really? Surely? Woo-haa.

Sales on Film said...

I signed up on the Facebook thread, but... Kristen Sales of Sales on Film.

The Siren said...

Done! Keep 'em coming. The more bloggers who sign up, the more potential donors we are roping in.

DavidEhrenstein said...

Haven't decided what I might do as yet. When's the deadline?

Vulnavia Morbius said...

I'll totally be participating. Hell, I already am, actually, sort of.

Vulnavia Morbius said...

Crap. Here's the real link. Sorry about that.

Jaime said...

Count me in! Naturally would like to have a sense of expectations, deadline, etc.

Gordon D said...

I'm in as well (I think I Might have said something on the Facebook page), but I'll definitely have a great entry on Blog THIS, Pal!

The Siren said...

The blogathon ends on the 21st, so any post before that is fine. Thanks for signing up, guys!

Dennis Cozzalio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dennis Cozzalio said...

Siren: Just wanted to let you know that I'm marshaling my meager resources and will be participating as well. Not sure if anyone has claimed STRANGER ON THE THIRD FLOOR as a subject, or if it even matters, but that's what I'll be writing about initially. Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up with the flurry of activity here, but as the trickle of output on SLIFR of late will testify, it's been a long last few months and I hope that the Film Noir Preservation blog-a-thon will signal a re-emergence of sorts for me, as well as a smashing success raising funds for this important cause. Many thanks to you and Marilyn for spearheading this and taking the blog-a-thon concept to a new and vital level.

The Siren said...

Darling Dennis & whoever else is wondering--since we bloggers are all special snowflakes, it really doesn't matter if there's movie overlap between posts. And I couldn't be happier to have you aboard, and I'm crazy about The Stranger on the Third Floor.

In fact, this WHOLE DADGUM LIST makes me so happy I keep clicking back on it every time someone or something irritates me and presto, all is well once more.

Jennythenipper said...

Cinema OCD will participate with apost on Crack-Up (1946).

Unknown said...

Count me in as well:

Steven Santos
The Fine Cut

Pussy Goes Grrr said...

I haven't been paying as much attention as I'd like to the blogathon, but it has become too important a priority for me to ignore. You can expect something from me - maybe it'll be a post I've been meaning to do on Force of Evil!

Andreas of Pussy Goes Grrr

surly hack said...

Here's my come on for cash at Limerwrecks:

Restoring a film isn't cheap
So dig in your pockets--and deep
Committing a crime
is the hit-man called Time,
and noir films could take the big sleep

Sheila O'Malley said...

Me! I'll definitely be there!!

DavidEhrenstein said...


Trish said...

Oh, jeez! If only I could get Blogger to cooperate!!! :{

Unknown said...

Very happy to add a donation request to the top of my home page.

Carl DiNello - An old movie fan with a special love for Film Noir.

SilentRobert said...

Absolutely positively please count me in. Rob Byrne at Starts Thursday!